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Flare Steering Wheel

Flare Steering Wheel

  • All steering wheels are available in 14" & 16".
  • The horn button can be made to have a finish that matches the steering wheel. Finishes offered are Chrome plated, painted, polished, brushed or painted and brushed.
  • Leather wraps are available in varying colors.
  • Hubs are available in matching color and are sold separately
  • Hub adaptors available for the following GM model years
    • Pre 1967
    • 1967-1994 PN# SWGM6794
    • 1995-2002 PN# SWGM9502
    • 2003 PN# SWGM2003
Product Details
Brand US MAG
Part Number us-mag-sw-flare-steering-wheel
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